How To Rock Your Personal Brand Photography

Each week we will spend 90 minutes together. The first 30-60 minutes each week will be a presentation. Then we will have a group discussion and masterminding. 

You have the option to join us weekly on either Mondays at 1pm CENTRAL TIME or on Tuesdays at 3pm CENTRAL TIME. Class starts the week of Monday April 18th/Tuesday April 19th and ends the week of Monday June 13th/Tuesday June 14th. Please note there is no class the week of Monday May 23rd/Tuesday May 24th for the Memorial Day Holiday. 

You do not have to join us for the same day each week (ex. always Mondays or always Tuesdays) - please join whichever class weekly that works best for your schedule. 

The Mastermind is great for students already taking the How To Rock Your Personal Brand Photography on-demand course and those of you who want to level up your  digital marketing and branding with a heavy emphasis on photography.


The goal of the Mastermind is to help use photography more effectively in your digital media, to help develop online relationships with clients. It’s an extension of you in client relationship development.


Here is the outline for the 8-weeks: 

Week 1: Review personal brand basics and asking your clients what they want to hear from you. You need this to create a plan for your photos, to develop relationships!

Week 2: Content planning and creating visual representations that tell your story and stop the scroll. 

Week 3: Styling and planning your sessions so that you can efficiently create content that is intentional, on brand, and draws your clients to you, and saves you a ton of time.

Week 4: DIY photography, cell phone photos, good light, and composition basics. Whether you want to do your photography yourself, or have invested in professional photography for a majority of your content images, you’re still going to need to know how to take better photos. Good photos tell you a story clearly and effectively. It never hurts to brush up on your photography skills these days.

Week 5: DIY photography posing, tabletop product and flat lay photos, and buying stock photography.

Week 6: Choosing, editing your photos, repurposing and writing content. Choosing and editing your photos is a part that gets overlooked often. Choosing the right photos and taking that extra minute to edit really adds impact and polish. Sometimes I feel like this is where I really look like a professional in my own work. Repurposing your continent is extremely important in saving time, as well as making sure you’re getting the word out. And then writing great content is a basic skill that supports your photography after you have drawn in the attention of a potential client with your photos.

Week 7: Connecting with your clients, feeling confident in front of the camera, handling your own blocks, and creating candid photos. We will talk about being able to create a genuine connection with your clients both through your photography and also and how you interact online. Do you treat it like a chore or is it something fun? Many of us don’t feel confident in front of the camera and our pictures end up looking like us trying to hide that we’re actually terrified. But what does that communicate to our potential clients? Creating a candid photo is a great way to help you gain confidence in front of the camera and take the focus off of you. We will review meditation techniques,  as well as just silly antics to help you feel more natural and connect with your clients.

Week 8: Professional photographers. How, when, and who to work with. What questions to ask. How to stretch your budget. Make absolutely sure you have found the right photographer for you before investing. 

If you miss a live class, don't fret, it will be posted here in Thinkific the following day. 

Course curriculum

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    • WEEK 2: Workbook

    • WEEK 3 of 8: Class Recording

    • WEEK 3: Bonus Material - Sample Itinerary

    • WEEK 3: Bonus Material - Sample Shot List

    • WEEK 4 of 8: Class Recording

    • WEEK 5 of 8: Class Recording

    • WEEK 6 of 8: Class Recording

    • WEEK 8 of 8: Class Recording

    • Week 8 Bonus Material: Branded Model Releases

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