Are you ready for the Portrait Mode Selfie Challenge?

In today's world we are connecting more and more online whether it be via social media, email, website, podcast, or any other digital media communication. Photography is as important as ever. It helps humanize you and connects with your client. It also catches attention in a split second and can tell the story, of what it is you want to express. They can stop the scroll and help your people find you. Human beings respond well to high quality photographs, but what if hiring a professional photographer is not a feasible solution for you?


In this class I'll teach you how to take a professional looking photo using your cell phone and how to make your own head shots.

You'll also learn about:

  • Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Posing
  • Backgrounds

And complete a 5-day challenge to implement all that you've learned!

FYI- I took my current headshot using my iPhone 11. I will eventually replace it with a professional photo taken by a colleague when I have a chance to get them taken.

Class is Monday February 21st at 4pm central. The challenge is Tuesday February 22nd - Saturday February 26th and then the Q&A is Monday February 28th at 4pm central.

Course curriculum

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    • Portrait Mode Selfie Challenge Outline

    • Before we begin...